CodeDropz - Profile Directory Filter

Last Updated : April 25, 2018


Profile Directory Filter is a simple plugin that will create profile information and displayed as directories with built-in Alphabetical Letters filter, Ajax and custom popup.

Plugin - Installation

1. To install a Plugin from a .zip file, login to your Wordpress dashboard and click Plugins → Add New

2. In plugin page you will find 'Upload Plugin' button where you can select and then Upload .zip file.

3. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the install.

4. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it, or Return to Plugin Installer for further actions.

Add New - Profile Directory

1. To add new Profile go to Worpdress Admin Dashboard and find Profile Directory from the menu. ( Screenshot shown below )

2. Click "Add New" and enter profile information. ( ex: firstname , last name etc. )

3. To add Profile Picture, simply click on "Set Featured Image" link inside the featured image meta box section.
This will open the WordPress Media Uploader. You can use that to upload an image from your computer or use an existing image from your media library. Once you select the image, simply click on Set "Featured Image" button

3. After all information are added, click Publish button.

Edit / Delete - Profile Directory

1. To Edit Profile go to Worpdress Admin Dashboard and find Profile Directory from the menu.

2. Click "All Profile" and you'll be able to see all the profile lists item.

3. To edit existing profile hover each profile name you'll see Edit | Quick Edit | Delete.

4. Click 'Edit' to edit profile information.

5. Click 'Trash' to delete profile from directory.


It's easy to modiy and change some of the basic settings for this plugin.

1. Menu 'Settings' is located under Profile Directory menu. ( see screenshot - figure 1 )

Figure 1

2. After editing the fields, don't forget to click Save Settings button.


Adding Profile Directory in any page via shortcode.

1. Display Profile Directory ( Simply copy & paste code below )


2. To limit posts display per page, just pass 'limit' attributes (example: limit to 20)

[pdfi_profile_directory limit="20"]

3. If user want to use Bootstrap as default theme for profile layout.

[pdfi_profile_directory use_bootstrap="true"]

Note: Adding attributes via shortcode will override the options/settings saved in the backend.

Hooks / Filter

Wordpress Filter/Hooks allow user to modify/add content before displaying to the page.

This plugin has only 2 filters:

1. To add content before displaying the profile directory.

										add_filter('pdfi_before_profile_content','add_description_callback', 10, 1);

										function add_description_callback( $content ) {
											$content = 'Please add some text/html before displaying profile directory content.';
											return $content;

2. To add content after displaying the profile directory.

										add_filter('pdfi_after_profile_content','add_some_text', 10, 1);

										/* @param : HTML - $content
										/* @description : Modified profile content or add text/html

										function add_some_text( $content ) {
											$new_content = 'Add button or Text';
											$content = $content . $new_content;

											return $content;